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Chief Products WK2 Sump Protection Plate provides critical off-road protection for the underside of your engine. It’s made from High-Strength Steel and features a rolled front lip design that is braced against the frame for maximum strength while still allowing easy removal/attachment of the lower front fascia.

Our latest release delivers several industry-leading features. Recessed rear mounting bolts that are impossible to hit when driving off-road. Slotted Bolt Head Protectors that protect the front mounting bolts from off-road damage. A Heavy Duty version that is 270% stronger than Standard.  An  Access Panel version that provides easy servicing of 5.7L engines. A new Bare Bones Edition, that provides a great price while still delivering top-notch quality.

Best of all, we deliver all of the finishing touches that matter. High tensile zinc plated bolts. Wedge-Lock washers for bolted joints that are extremely resistant to loosening. Anti-Seize for bolted joints that are resistant to seizing. A Chief Products Shop Rag for all the dirty jobs around the garage. Detailed install instructions. All packaged to arrive safely and looking great.


High-Strength Steel

Bolt Head Protectors (Protects Bolt Heads)

Recessed Bolts (Smooth Undercarriage)

E-Coat (Industry Leading Corrosion Resistance)

Durable Powder Coat Finish (Textured Black)

Drainage Slots

Easy Installation (Difficulty = 2/10)



Standard = 10.9kg (Including Hardware)
Access Panel = 12.2kg (Including Hardware)
Heavy Duty = 17.9kg (Including Hardware)
Bare Bones Edition = 10.8kg (Including Hardware)


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Standard, Heavy Duty, Access Panel, Bare Bones Edition

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WK2 Sump Protection Plate Install Instructions | Rev O | 25 Apr 2020


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